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Illuminating Amlite's Strengths

Built around a running business, Amlite had vision, a realistic budget, and teams willing to collaborate intensively to bring technical details to life.

You know how dimming the lights can create mood while disguising less savoury decor? It’s a great tactic, for a restaurant. Unfortunately, Amlite makes, you guessed it: Lights. They pride themselves on their creative, contemporary products at reasonable prices. Their own products illuminated a place of business that no longer reflected their sensibilities.

A plan to revitalize their dated 6800 square foot Reception/Showroom area and office space resulted in more details and considerations than you find in many spaces twice the size. The amount of collboration it required was directly proportional to the intricacy of the details.

A two story interior office renovation with a modern, clean palette, the project featured whitewashed, wide plank, engineered oak hardwood floors, and a frameless, operable, glass partition.

The highly technical and intricate architectural details demanded a synchronized effort to sequence and complete with accuracy. We created a highly inclusive atmosphere, from information gathering through to making adjustments on site. Often, input from our trade partners led to ideas that allowed for modified designs that met budget constraints while maintaining the Architect’s vision.

The result is a beautiful, open and light-filled space. The process allowed Amlite to keep working while an extremely detailed build was worked on (and worked out) in their space.