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Halton Children's Aid Society Needed a new Home in a Hurry

Trust between the landlord, tenant, our team, and trades was the key ingredient in delivering it.

We build organizations’ new “homes” all the time. We love our craft and we’re grateful that we get to practice it. The opportunity to do it for an organization that works with families and communities to protect children and youth makes it even more special.

We learn on every project–experience is a resource that makes a builder more agile. Its lessons bolster a toolkit that helps projects run more smoothly, safely, and profitably; they equip us to react to a project’s unknowns.

Admittedly an early tender for us, it was also formative; the lessons we learned taught us to do more than react. The project’s constraints demanded approaches that have since become tenets of how we do business.

Building a new (long-term) home for the Halton Children’s Aid Society (HCAS) meant six weeks to manifest their vision in a 20,000 square foot empty shell. The client-designed build was the birth of our ambassador approach.


This project could not have happened on time, on budget, and to the high degree of satisfaction that it did without trust. Fengate, the landlord, trusted us to be their liaison, working directly with the tenant, which cut down on bureaucracy and allowed for on-site decision-making.


HCAS trusted that we were transparent in our conversations about scheduling and progress. And our strong relationships with our trades kept us all on the same page regarding timelines.

We’ve grown since then, but we have fond memories of Matthew, Mario & Thomas pitching in to get more than thirty doors working on a Saturday, over Christmas.12

Perhaps the best recognition we’ve received for our work has been from a happy client who we still work with eight years later, directly.