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Where and when you build are as important as what and how you build.

70,000 square foot, multi-tenant building fully leased prior to completion

We’ve done great work in this development and we’re as proud of the recommendations we’ve made in the boardroom as we are of our work in the field.

Our experience with the area–building several projects, getting to know tenants and the municipality–put us in a position to make strategic recommendations. Mario felt the property had great potential and he played a key role in initiating the development concept and site design.

Ingenuity has had at least one project underway in this development since we opened our doors in 2007. Mario’s work on projects here started even earlier. Our familiarity with the Burlington market, municipality, and the development tenants was formidable. We developed the kind of insight that can get a building fully leased before it’s completed.

Growing people

We can’t think of a better way to generate business for ourselves than helping our clients grow. And we can’t think of a better way to generate competencies than by growing them ourselves. This project was the Site Superintendant’s first time managing a project of this scale. He nailed it.

Familiarity breeds trust

Using a team that our client is familiar with builds trust that removes barriers to innovation; trust gives bold ideas room to breathe.

The client’s trust in us helped them be aggressive in their leasing strategy, allowing for creative customization and reasonable pricing in exchange for longer-term tenants.

Trust also creates efficiencies. It puts us in a position to anticipate needs and objectives. The result was very few changes, allowing for better cost projection and control.