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RFP Tendering

In 2020, we built 500,000 square feet of new buildings and maintained over a dozen properties that we’ve built throughout Southern Ontario.

If you have an RFP that you’d like us to consider tendering a bid for a project in the 30,000 – 500,000 square foot range, please contact Peter to learn how Ingenuity can help:

RFP Drafting

While the right partner can end up saving you time, money, and headaches, they’re unlikely to be the lowest bidder. And unless you ask the right questions, finding the dream partner to build your business’s new home or to imagine the possibilities for your vacant lot is even more unlikely.

For questions you should be looking to answer in your RFP, please contact Mario:

Trades & Master Builders

As a Master Builder, you know more than the tricks of the trade – you appreciate that great things take time. As a like-minded builder, we’d love to hear every detail of your work. Please visit us and share your stories and we’ll share our espresso.

Contact Matthew: