There are two definitions of General Contracting:

  1. We do all kinds of building using the lowest quoting trades, as long as they pass minimum safety and skills requirements.
  2. We’re mobilizing and choreographing teams of dedicated, trained professionals committed to a common objective.

We’re the latter.


Most General Contractors don’t build buildings. We do. It matters because:

  • We bring a perspective that (can inform future decisions for multi-year planning) saves money in the long term.
  • We work with trades who have come to trust us; they answer when we call, give us an honest price, bring their A game, and share useful feedback.
  • We recommend materials that stand up, from companies that stand behind them.


The relationships we build lead to more sustainable projects and partnerships. Asking the right questions, working with better trades, and recommending better materials and approaches can lead to better speed to market and an ability to manage condensed construction schedules and tight turnaround times in the short term.

In the long term, well, who doesn’t benefit from happier tenants?


Ambassador is a funny word on a page about General Construction. Not to us. From award through publication, right down the road to maintenance, we’re there for your tenants. It may not be a line item on our contract, but when your tenant is our client, we represent you. The impressions we make on them reflect on you. Don’t worry, not only do we not charge for this role, we actually have insight to share with you about your clients’ needs.

We’re particularly strong on:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional

Ingenuity is:

  • Bonded and insured
  • Contractor Licensing – we are licensed and have built in many municipalities throughout Ontario
  • LEED Accredited – The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process, but we also look at it as a common sense process. Whether or not the building requires LEED certification, we will always present options and advise on how Energy and the Environment can be considered.
  • Safety Certified – Safety certifications are held by all Ingenuity staff. Industry minimum requirements are the bar for entry, not a badge–we strive for maximum safety. We are accident-free on all of our sites since we started the company.

A note about Safety:

Safety is about more than prevention. A focus on safety:

  • Sends a message to our partners and clients that we sweat the details.
  • Leads to a clean site.
  • Promotes quality and pride.
  • Eliminates rework, further reducing the risk of injury.

Safety is as much a business strategy for us as our attention to details or collaborative approach. Our clients and partners know this. Now that we’ve been receiving our industry’s premier safety award, the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) Safety Award, every year, the industry does, too.

I love working with Ingenuity. I've worked on a lot of projects with them. They are very easy to work with, very understanding. They pay attention to details on our drawings. And if there are any issues, they bring them up, and they try to make them work, which makes it a smooth process from the beginning to the end.

Annie Khan

Pearce McCluskey Architects

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