Builders are typically the people who take on the most responsibility for a project. Good ones link client’s goals, the architect’s details, the designer’s vision, smart materials and teams of craft-oriented trades. Great ones act as an Ambassador that negotiates your long-term interests with all project stakeholders in a way that finds efficiencies at every stage.

So why bring them in half-way through the process?

Wisdom gained using space to solve business problems for a range of businesses over decades can be invaluable at the project visioning stage.

A team member who thinks in three dimensions and sees around corners that haven’t been built yet can help you avoid both missing opportunities and hitting hidden pitfalls.

They take Municipal infrastructure and politics into account, factor in the human side–productivity, health, happiness/sq. foot, and are a sounding board for Architects, Trades, Designers, and tenants.

Whether you’re commissioning complex infrastructure or erecting a straightforward storage facility, putting the people who span all the project relationships on your team at the outset is the single most effective lever for ensuring you get what you need, not just what you ask for.

I love working with Ingenuity. I've worked on a lot of projects with them. They are very easy to work with, very understanding. They pay attention to details on our drawings. And if there are any issues, they bring them up, and they try to make them work, which makes it a smooth process from the beginning to the end.

Annie Khan

Pearce McCluskey Architects

If you're looking for folks who span the entire project relationship, why not start with an espresso?

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